Proposal to Integrate UbiquityDAO


This proposal integrates Ubiquity DAO by adding the ‘Ubiquity DAO Connector’ to the master DSA Connector contracts, enabling DeFi Smart Accounts to interact with UbiquityDAO’s 3crv Bonding Pool and :gorilla: Ape-in into Ubiquity Bonding Shares.


UbiquityDAO is a unique take on stablecoins mixing different financial principles and DeFi primitives and protocols like Curve to generate a semi-backed algorithmic stablecoin. For more information you can see the UbiquityDAO’s Proposal to Integrate here:

Ubiquity is quite different and contains some complex monetary theory. If you have any questions or want to explore the ecosystem further you can always reach out on their Discord. The UbiquityDAO team and community is really responsive and helpful :man_teacher:


UbiquityDAO is an innovative and growing stablecoin. UbiquityDAO’s integration will create a new protocol for DSA holders to gain interests and introduce the user base to a unique stablecoin. This is also the first fully purpose driven integration. The UniquityDAO team has built a custom one-click function :gorilla: Ape-in to issue their Bond which showcasing the DSL’s flexibility and functionality.


Connector: (Mainnet)
Resolver: (Mainnet)


This vote includes non-critical code changes and will be voted off-chain by the community.

  1. The UbiquityDAO Connector is added to the DSA Connectors master enabling its use with any DeFi Smart Account.

Vote On Snapshot

Status: Passed :white_check_mark:

Proposal on Snapshot

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