Proposal to bring Ubiquity protocol to Instadapp

Hello everyone! I’m Zak from Ubiquity DAO. I wanted to introduce the Ubiquity protocol to the Instadapp community.

Ubiquity is bringing a unique ecosystem to the market with multiple products.

Ubiquity’s first product is uAD, an algo stablecoin. We’ve seen many algo stablecoin designs emerge and obtain varying degrees of success, ranging from uncollateralized stablecoins to partially collateralized models. More employ yet another approach where they target a market-based floating peg instead of the US Dollar. I personally invested in the Basis ICO back in 2017 and have continued to watch the space experiment and mature.

The Ubiquity protocol has multiple core features which distinguish it from other algorithmic stablecoins. One of the most compelling elements of the protocol is the unique debt system which acts as one of the primary algorithmic stability mechanisms. The debt system is quite original and uses multiple forms of debt to hold stability.

Much like how private banks have historically issued money in a semi-independent or autonomous manner, there is a way for these digital currencies to be issued and conducted in a non- or extra-state basis, while also remaining compliant and politically agreeable to other forms of sovereignty. Multiple different currencies, digital or otherwise, can co-exist and be complementary to one another.

yyctrader has been researching and writing to debut a deep dive article into our debt system. I’ll be sure to post it here when it’s released. For now, you may wish to read an overview Overview which links to Ubiquity’s tokenomics and docs which were written for developers.

uAD leverages 3crv as it’s primary market to add additional stability. These LP tokens can be staked to farm Ubiquity DAO’s governance token, UBQ.

Ubiquity’s next product is a yield aggregator which stacks with our debt primitive. What makes this product innovative is the yield can be double dipped with our debt primitive to earn ~2x what other yield aggregator’s provide.

We are currently building the Connectors and hope to be able to leverage Instadapp in the near future!

To speak with the team or community, or just lurk, please feel free to drop in: Ubiquity

Anyone very interested in tokenomics will have a great time diving in and learning more about how this protocol works. When your head is down working you sometimes forget this, but I was reminded how novel and exciting this system is after our Friday call with the Tokemak core team.

Thank you for your time!


Pull request: GitHub - ubiquity/dsa-connectors at ubiquity

Hey Ubiquity DAO, thank you for your proposal!

We will be holding a Growth Call with Ubiquity DAO on Discord this coming Friday!

Friday September 10th at 9:30am EST / 2:30pm CEST (13:30 UTC)

Ubiquity will sit with us to discuss their protocol and explain what kinds of features they would like to leverage from the Instadapp Ecosystem. Join us for a chat as we grow our way to our first 1mm users!

Attendees will receive our very first POAP :medal_sports: