Proposal to finally create a use case for $INST

Hi everyone,

I’m here to make a proposal to all the holders of $INST, so basically Instadapp is a big player in DeFi with a TVL of 2B$ but with a mere 24M$ of marketcap ($INST) we know that is a governance token but we need to evolve to a hold&win governance token.
There is a bunch of governance tokens where the main protocol revenue is less than here and they are receiving something in exchange of loyalty and community development…
I think that we deserve the same or more

My proposal is to create a “Stake” lock with a minimum of 3 months to $INST where we can receive 10% of all monthly revenue in all products shipped by Instadapp. The profit will be distributed according the lock time.
The revenues should be distributed in USDC or USDT.


Hey @OnChainKevinn

The team has thought around something idea like this, but the current revenue is not really worthwhile at the moment for distribution. There are a few other use cases that will become more evident as we launch our 4th protocol.

We think after launching our 4th protocol may be a better time to revisit this kind of proposal.

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