[DISCUSSION] InstaDApp Treasury Usage

Hello everyone,

@Seb_EthMonk has mentioned in a previous thread to revisit use cases for $INST when the InstaDApp team releases their 4th protocol (Proposal to finally create a use case for $INST).
With the upcoming release of Fluid, I’d like to discuss the treasury/revenue usage of non-INST tokens ahead of time.
The InstaDApp treasury can be found under the following address: https://etherscan.io/address/0x28849d2b63fa8d361e5fc15cb8abb13019884d09.

Currently it holds 2.2m $ in non-native (INST) tokens.
These funds were accumulated from the revenue from different INST products like the Flashloan aggregator and the Lite vaults.
You can check InstaDApp’s revenue on the following Dune dashboards (thanks to @murathan):

I’d like to see the current funds being consolidated into yield generating assets like stETH, sDAI, sFRAX, …

Looking at some options of what other protocols do with their revenue:

  1. Buyback (and LP/burn/distribute)
  2. Distribute
  3. Use for runway/bug bounty/security fund

Please share your thoughts so we can strive towards a great future for InstaDApp.


I think it may be used to boost the TVL for Fluid int the future.


It’s interesting and while it might be difficult to touch INST token itself, might make sense to have stablecoins and ETH to yield generating ones indeed

Of the non-INST tokens about 50% of it is in stETH so it is already earning a percentage from staking. The community has a good understanding of stETH and its completely redeemable. Converting more assets may yield more to the treasurer but its also good to have some assets in their normal token form without the additional risk of protocols that may come from sFRAX or sDAI.

With Fluid, depending on the usage, we should also be able to acquire thees tokens over time. Products like the debt vault can be used to promote these tokens and increase their allocation in the treasury through fees.

The team has some plans we’ll propose closer to the Fluid launch.

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Do you mean next year when Fluid has launched completely (DEX, etc)?
Or like next month?

Can you shed some light on those proposals?
I would rather see the revenue being distributed to holders in some way than just seeing it being used to boost TVL of Fluid (my opinion).

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Nice idea Inst value increases by shareing revenue with Inst holders