July 2021 Community Growth Fund


Using the feedback provided under the Instadapp Community Growth Fund proposal, we will be allocating our first monthly funds to active community users & bounties.


This proposal will distribute the July community funds to community members who have made contributions to Instadapp through various activities, such as support and moderation, community outreach, and governance forums.

Additionally, the funds will be used to establish various bounties that community members can participate in to be rewarded.

Support and Moderation
Da- | Japanese Community Moderator
Alex-7 | WeChat Moderator + Support
Asia DeFi Network | WeChat Moderator + Support
Community Outreach
miscao | Discord / Forum / Other Community Work
CPix18 | Discord / Forum / Other Community Work
Taisuke | Discord / Forum / Other Community Work
Doo\_StableNode | Discord / Forum / Other Community Work
dakeshi | Discord / Forum / Other Community Work
Chav | Discord / Forum / Other Community Work


By acknowledging active community members and creating bounty programs, this will lead to continued protocol growth.


Fund Results
Bounty Pot Set aside for Bounties / Community Requested Projects 2,500 INST
Holdover Unallocated tokens retained by fund 2,500 INST
USD Remainder USD kept from INST used to pay contributors $16,550
USD Payout USD Paid to Contributors this Month $13,450

Thanks for the recognition and the inspiration from the community, I have great respect for the stratified division of the project community.
Here are my translations of instadapp’s Chinese blogs, I publish these translations on WeChat for Chinese users to see the progress of the project.


Thank you for recognizing our efforts. I didn’t expect I would get rewards from Instadapp community, I’ve shared about Instadapp just because this is so useful for me.

Community Growth Funds is interesting attempt and I expect this will keep to encourage the community activity for the protocol.


Thank you for supplying funds for us!
We’ll keep informing the value of Instadapp for Japanese, and community members for English.
FYI, these are summaries of our output.

How to movie by hory.

How to blog by Da-.



Thank you for the recognition! (I’m Chav on Discord)

I’ve been an avid Instadapp user and have really enjoyed the discussions as well as helping out on the Discord. I hope to help educate more people about the great tools that Instadapp provides.


Hello Contributors! The July distribution has been submitted. Thank you for your contributions and let’s grow the number of people in the distribution pool !


Many thanks to the team