My suggestions for improving the popularity of instadapp

In China, the promotion means of many blockchain related projects actually use community promotion. In order to open up its popularity in China, the project side will find several users recognized by the project to build a player community, and continue to output all kinds of information related to the project. I wonder if the project has such plans?
If there are such plans, I think the project party can consider recruiting promotion partners to form a community freely. Of course, there is a driving force involved here. Users will not spontaneously promote the project for no reason. Therefore, I have the following suggestions:

  1. The promoters can buy Inst tokens at a price lower than the market price, so that the promoters will be driven by interests to promote instadapp.
  2. Establish an incentive mechanism. I think the recognition degree of a project is the degree of consensus. As a project party, we can judge whether the promoters are promoting according to the Inst token promotion mentioned in my first point. Of course, this involves a confirmation of true and false. What I think of now is not to refer to the number of tokens sold, but to take the independent account for purchasing tokens as the standard. Here, we can avoid the promoters from making false data as much as possible.
    The above is what I want to say. I think instadapp has unimaginable potential. It should be known by more Chinese users. This is my original intention. At the same time, I also want to be the first promoter of my proposal, if the project side thinks it feasible.

Hi @bzem - thanks for providing thoughts on how to incentivize promotion, especially within the Chinese community.

We launched the community growth fund and had the first distributions just this week.

We are also taking requests for community involvement through this form. This is currently being organized into groups, which will be shared shortly.

More information can be found here: DAO Community Mid-Summer Outlook


Thanks for your opinion but do think the Instadapp’s current development especially with maintaining and expanding Chinese community is crucial and also more sustainable in the long term. Once the community relies on speculation (such as allowing some promoters to buy cheaper than the market place), it’s often unhealthy and we are not particularly a fan of it.

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