Beta mode on Smart Accounts


Add the ‘Beta Implementation’ to the DSL, this implementation will be a staging version of the DSL. DSA account users who want to access new features and in the final testing phase can access them through this module.


Instadapp has grown exponentially since the token & protocol (DSL) launch; currently, Instadapp has a TVL of $9B+. DeFi Smart Accounts v.2 is the most advanced smart account, being both infinitely extendable and upgradable with the use of account extensions. The addition or upgrading of account extensions is the most critical part of the Instadapp protocol.

Account Extensions comprise a layer of functionality in the DSL, as of now there’s only one account extension, the Owner module. This module allows owners to have full-fledged access to their smart accounts. I propose the up-gradation of the default account extension, to add ‘Beta’ functionality. This will be used to enable upcoming and more experimental features.


This module will allow users who want early access to all the new functionalities to assume this risk and access all the upcoming and final testing phase features. This also will allow users to opt-in to this version or they can keep two wallets if they want to avert risk from the newer protocols by separating and using both beta-enabled and normal accounts.

For example, I recently proposed ‘Automated DeFi Limit Orders’ on top of Instadapp, a feature like this would be enabled on ‘Beta’ first.


Attach the GitHub link:


Passed :white_check_mark: via IGP#3

This proposal and its submitted code changes were included and voted via the following on-chain vote: IGP#3 - DSL September Upgrade 2021


Great proposal Samyak. A couple of clarifying questions:

  1. Will beta implementations be live on the production fork or a simulated staging fork?

  2. Once the DSA is opted in to this mode, are the risks outlined in your proposal referring to risks of using an unknown/new layer feature (hence, use at your own risk) or risks from software bugs because they have not been fully audited yet?

  • Can you expand a bit on using more than one wallet i.e. more than one wallet within a single DSA or two separate DSAs?


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  1. It’ll be live on production but will only impact the accounts with the beta mode on.
  2. It can be the economic risk or the any technical (bugs) risk. (Note: Instadapp in it’s history never had any severe bug, economically & technically).
  3. If some new user wants to use new feature but is not comfortable risking all of his assets then he can create a new DSA and enable beta mode on it and only use assets he is willing to risk.