Update weETH/wstETH Vault Parameters


This proposal aims to update the weETH/wstETH vault parameters to better optimize utilization and align with current market usage and activity on Fluid.


The proposal introduces updated parameters for the weETH/wstETH vault, enhancing the vault by increasing the LTV and Liquidation Thresholds. These adjustments are designed to accommodate the evolving market conditions and utilization trends observed within the Fluid ecosystem.

Current weETH/wstETH Vault Parameters

  • Collateral Factor: 90.5%
  • Liquidation Threshold: 93%
  • Liquidation Max Limit: 95%
  • Liquidation Penalty: 1%

Proposed weETH/wstETH Vault Parameters

  • Collateral Factor: 93%
  • Liquidation Threshold: 95%
  • Liquidation Max Limit: 96%
  • Liquidation Penalty: 1%


The adjustments in the vault parameters are proposed in response to current market conditions. Increasing the collateral factor and liquidation thresholds will enable better utilization of the vault by offering higher LTV and enabling higher leverage.


This proposal updates the weETH/wstETH vault parameters enhancing the vaults efficiently and aligns the vault to current market conditions/

Proposal on Atlas

Passed :white_check_mark:

IGP#18 - Update weETH/wstETH Vault Parameters

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