Update USDC and USDT Market Rates on Fluid - Apr 9, 2024


Update USDC and USDT market rates with current market conditions on Fluid.


The Instadapp team proposed the following adjustments to the USDC and USDT rate curves to optimize utilization and alignment with current market rates.

Current Rates:

  • Utilization 0%: Rate 0%
  • Utilization 80%: Rate 10%
  • Utilization 93%: Rate 15%
  • Utilization 100%: Rate 25%

Proposed Rate Curve Adjustment:

  • Utilization 0%: Rate 0%
  • Utilization 80%: Rate 12%
  • Utilization 93%: Rate 18%
  • Utilization 100%: Rate 33.34%


The current market rates for USDC and USDT are currently overutilized and not reflective of the broader market rates. The collateral assets on Fluid have very high lending APRs allowing people to earn while borrowing. The stablecoin markets on Fluid will be made more competitive by optimizing the rates according to the proposed curve.


This proposal updates the USDC and USDT rate curves on the Liquidity layer to better reflect market conditions.

Proposal on Atlas

Passed :white_check_mark:

IGP#17 - Update USDC and USDT Rate Curves and Related Updates


This proposal is open and active ! Please take a moment to vote ! :balloon: