Update Timelock Contracts and Transfer Fluid Rewards


This proposal updates the existing timelock contract on current Instadapp contracts and transfers funds from the DAO treasury in preparation for Fluid Rewards.

Updating Timelock Contract

This updates the ownership to the new timelock on the following across Instadapp protocols: Instadapp Lite, Instadapp Pro and the DAO Treasury.

New Timelock Implementation:

Voting Delay: ~1 day
Voting Period: ~2 days
Execution Queue: ~1 day

Governor Changes:

These changes will upgrade governor contract to new implementation and transfer master ownership to the new timelock from old timelock on the following contracts:

The new timelock will will be then set ass the admin for the Governor Contract, as well as the old timelock contact. With the new configuration the following transaction will be submitted to complete the upgrade:

Transaction Summary executed with new timelock:

1. Accept master ownership of DSA’s InstaIndex
2. Accept admin ownership on old timelock contract
3. Accept admin ownership on new timelock contract
4. Set voting delay as 7_200 blocks i.e 1 day
5. Set voting period as 14_400 blocks i.e 2 days
6. Initiate transfer admin ownership of new timelock 
contract from old timelock contract to governor contract
7. Accept admin ownership on new timelock contract from
governor contract
8. Set voting delay to 86400 seconds i.e 1 day on new timelock.

These transactions will occur with no delay as they are the initial configuration transaction. Once completed the timelock settings will apply.

Transferring Funds for Fluid Rewards

This proposal will also move the following funds to the Instadapp team’s multisig to prepare and setup for Fluid Rewards. For full details on Fluid Reward allocations see this proposal:

Instadapp Team Avocado Multsig:

Transaction Summary

1. Transfer 247.9k USDC, 59k DAI and 28.7k USDT to Instadapp Team Multisig
2. Transfer 550 ETH (230 ETH & 320 stETH) to Instadapp Team Multisig
3. Remove old timelock address as auth
4. Add new timelock address as auth


The team has made improvements on the timelock contract. The updated the queue and execution times will enable better reaction and response times for Fluid but for all overall Instadapp protocols and services.


This proposal updates the voting parameters and transfers ownership and auth rights of the governor contract to the new timelock contract. Additional this submits transfers from the DAO to the team multisig to prepare Fluid Rewards.

Proposal on Atlas

Status: Passed :white_check_mark:

IGP#7 - Timelock Contract Upgrade and Fluid Rewards Preparation


IGP#7 voting is now open! Vote on Atlas: