Requesting both onchain and offchain governance to happen on ETH Mainnet

Currently, InstadApp’s onchain governance (such as Tally) happens on ETH mainnet, the snapshot voting happens on Polygon. While for EOA, this won’t be a problem. For several like StableLab which uses ETH multisig, this becomes tricky as while we are able to participate in onchain governance, we can’t participate in offchain governance at the moment. As multisigs across chains have different address generally if it’s from normal gnosis safe.

Considering this change to have snapshot on ETH as well will only affect multisig on Polygon, which is rare, we believe we should change both to ETH mainnet


Hey @Doo_StableLab the Snapshot is only set for Mainnet/Ethereum. I am not sure why you are getting this error. I think this may be something with Gnosis Safe or maybe something in conjuction with COMP voting. I will review this for you.

There was another setting that appears to have been set to Polygon, this issue should not effect future snapshots.

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