Proposal to Integrate RAI Protocol


This proposal advocates for integrating the RAI protocol by adding the Reflexer Connector to the DSA Connector contracts. This would allow DeFi Smart Accounts to interact with the RAI protocol.


RAI is a non-pegged stable asset and automated credit facility which recently implemented self-repaying loans. RAI can only be borrowed against ETH.

Reflexer built the necessary connector contracts so that RAI can be integrated in the Instadapp protocol. The Instadapp team also reviewed the code.


The Instadapp community would benefit from RAI self-repaying loans as well as the option to protect positions from liquidations, thus offering borrowers greater capital efficiency.



This vote includes non-critical code changes and will be voted off-chain by the community.

The Reflexer Connector is added to the DSA Connectors master allowing it to be used with any DeFi Smart Account.

Vote On Snapshot

Status: Passed :white_check_mark:

Proposal on Snapshot


Hey @stefan this looks good! Excited to see how we can develop and create use-cases for RAI. Currently we are voting in: IGP#2 - Streamlining and Growth Fund Grant

This will create a ‘streamlined’ integration process; after this vote an Instadapp Delegate will create a Snapshot proposal for RAI connector for a ‘streamlined’ integration.


Saw IGP#2 passed, can’t wait to see the streamlined proposal!

The Snapshot for this streamlined proposal is now live on Snapshot:
Proposal on Snapshot

Voting will be open for 3 days; a simply majority will enable the integration on the DeFi Smart Layer.


RAI Protocol integration passed and is active on the DeFi Smart Layer; you can read more about the RAI Connector commands in our developer docs here: Reflexer - Instadapp Developers

You can submit custom transactions using the RAI Connector on Instadapp Terminal