Proposal to Integrate PoolTogether


This proposal integrates PoolTogether by adding the ‘PoolTogether Connector’ to the master DSA Connector contracts, enabling DeFi Smart Accounts to interact with the PoolTogether pools, enter pods and withdraw earnings and rewards.


PoolTogether is no-loss lottery DApp which utilizes interest and lending protocols to generate winnings. PoolTogether is very popular DApp for DAOS, communities and friends to create ‘no loss games’ and is deployed on several chains, with different prizes and many partnerships. PoolTogether is managed by its POOL tokenholders and team.


PoolTogether is a unique DeFi DApp which allows users to play no loss games, earn interest at times and utilize their assets for the opportunity to win prizes. PoolTogether integration will allow all DeFi Smart Accounts to easily participate in any PoolTogether prize pool and join Pods with their DeFi Smart Accounts.


PoolTogether v3 Connector:

Pooltogether v3 Resolver:

PoolTogether v4 Connector:
Ethereum and Polygon:

PoolTogether v4 Resolver:
Ethereum and Polygon:


This vote includes non-critical code changes and will be voted off-chain by the community.

  1. The PoolTogether Connector is added to the DSA Connectors master enabling its use with any DeFi Smart Account.

Vote On Snapshot

Pooltogether v3 Status: Passed :white_check_mark:

Proposal on Snapshot

Pooltogether v4 Status: Pending

Proposal Pending

11/5/2021 - Updated to include v4 information