Proposal to Integrate Liquity Protocol


This proposal integrates the Liquity protocol by adding the ‘Liquity Connector’ to the master DSA Connector contracts, enabling DeFi Smart Accounts to interact with the Liquity protocol.


Liquity is an interest-free, autonomous, borrowing protocol. Liquity allows users to borrow against Ether and generate its stablecoin LUSD. The Liquity team has written the connector contracts needed to integrate Liquity into the Instadapp protocol. The Instadapp team has reviewed these connectors for structure and security.

Liquity positions on Instadapp should be eligible for INST Liquidity Mining rewards. These rewards could follow the same distribution rules as the on-going Liquidity Mining on mainnet for Maker, AAVE and Compound. We are asking the community to include Liquity in the liquidity mining provisions.


Liquity protocol offer competitive rates and a new model for generating stablecoins, integrating Liquity will open new interest rates, additional refinancing options, and open new use cases on Instadapp.



This vote includes non-critical code changes and will be voted off-chain by the community.

  1. The Liquity Connector is added to the DSA Connectors master enabling its use with any DeFi Smart Account.

  2. Liquity DeFi Balances are added to the on-going Liquidity Mining Rewards. INST allocation determined by the community

Vote On Snapshot

Status: Passed :white_check_mark:

Proposal on Snapshot


If the combination is successful. Instadapp will have a huge TVL addition. I like so much


In general, I like the minimalistic approach of Liquity contract designs—a good liquidation mechanism with a higher ETH liquidation ratio.

It will be good to see Liquity on Instadapp!


Liquity integration is active on the DeFi Smart Layer; you can read more about the Liquity Connector commands in our developer docs here: Liquity - Instadapp Developers

The team is building out the interface, strategies and functions of Liquity into the Main Interface. If you would like to access its functions now, you can submit custom transactions using the Liquity Connector on Instadapp Terminal


Liquity Integration to is now complete! Big thanks to the Liquity team and the Instadapp developers who worked really hard to get this completed!

:bell: Follow this tread for more updates on Liquity!

Here is our official launch tweet:


Robert Lauko, Founder and CEO of Liquity, explains that their long term vision is to enable anyone to invest in high yield assets — regardless of income (4 mins).

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