Proposal to Distribute ARB Tokens from Arbitrum Foundation


This proposal distributes 75,000 ARB tokens from the Arbitrum Foundation as a gas discount for Arbitrum users on Avocado. The discount will be applied up to 80% on transactions made on the Arbitrum network through Avocado.


The 75,000 ARB tokens received from the Arbitrum Foundation will be kept by the team and valued at $1.33 the team will then distribute the tokens’ value as a gas discount for all transactions made on the Arbitrum network on Avocado. The discount will be up to 80% of the transaction cost and will be automatically deducted from the total cost of the transaction.


This proposal incentivizes the usage of the Arbitrum network on Avocado by providing gas discounts. By reducing transaction costs, it encourages more users to transact on Arbitrum and use Avocado, leading to greater adoption and usage of both platforms.


This proposal will distribute 75,000 ARB tokens as a gas discount for all Arbitrum users on Avocado, providing $100,000 worth of discounted gas fees. This initiative seeks to promote the usage and adoption of both the Arbitrum network and Avocado.

Proposal on Snapshot

Status: Passed :white_check_mark:

Snapshot: Distribute ARB Tokens as Gas Discount


Some users were reporting issues with how the votes were being counted. We have since fixed this issue on Snapshot.

This only affects a few people, if you were one of those please go back and revote on the updated link:

The Arbitrum Discount is live on Avocado!

You do not need to do anything for the discound, it will automatically be applied when completing any Arbitrum transaction on Avocado. Enjoy the cheapest Arbitrum gas fees on the planet!

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