Proposal to bring Geode Finance to Instadapp

This is posted on behalf of Geode Finance

Geode is an ETH2 staking universe whose primary goal is to unlock yield-generating ETH to the wider DeFi ecosystem in a decentralized manner while removing third party risk.

The current ETH2 staking market is dominated by 1 key player with ~$6bn worth of ETH controlled via a multisig. Ethereum’s staking ecosystem needs competition and Geode intends to give Instadapp the opportunity to integrate their existing and future products with their own ETH2 staking solution.

Geode brings a unique opportunity to Instadapp, a quick, no heavy lifting integration to run its own ETH2 staking service, with its own ETH2 token which will have full composability within its ecosystem and products. Instadapp will have complete control of deposited funds with sole access to their own withdrawal contracts, granted in a completely decentralised manner.

There are no fees charged by Geode for this opportunity and Instadapp can choose what they wish to charge their users, potentially generating a huge amount of revenue. On top of all of this, as a launch partner of Geode Finance your governance would play a key role in the governance of Geode, allowing you to help shape the future of our protocol.

In a PoS world, all ETH should be yield generating and Instadapp in partnership with Geode will open up new and innovative ways for Ethereum users to benefit from ETH2 staking.

For further information about Geode Finance, please see below:

Website: (Placeholder for now - full website coming soon!)
Whitepaper: white_paper/geode_whitepaper.pdf at main · Geodefi/white_paper · GitHub


A dubious project, almost all the pages of the site are 404 errors, 200 participants on twitter and 150 on discord. The ICO was announced in October - but it was not. I am convinced that Geode is a scam project. Focus on Instadapp marketing development - you can write code forever - but for what? if a handful of people use it! The community is waiting for the triumph of the INST token - hire a team of marketers already!


Hey! Agree with you on most points, but still feel we should not be judging a project just by numbers or occasional delays in the initial stages, as castles are not built overnight. I feel they have worked on their white paper and with a proper team and execution let’s wait for them to get something live and running which would make things evident!


Hey Zosim, thanks so much for pointing out the 404s and outdated docs/blogs referencing the ICO. Much appreciated.

We decided to hold off on releasing a token a while back and have plans to do so at a much later date now that GEODE has changed our approach to raising the necessary capital. Site up was just a placeholder but personally, I think you’re spot on about dropping those links that didn’t end up anywhere, so we did just that. Good looking out.

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