Optimizing wstETH/ETH Vault and integrating stETH Redemption


This proposal enhances the wstETH/ETH Fluid vault by updating its Collateral Factor and risk ratios, and integrating with the stETH Redemption protocol to improve vault utilization and efficiency.


This proposal seeks to optimize the wstETH/ETH Fluid vault by updating its Collateral Factor, thereby enhancing borrowing capacity and competitive appeal. It will enable Lite Vaults to utilize the stETH Redemption protocol effectively by adding Fluid vaults to the stETH whitelist and making necessary adjustments to the risk ratios.

Fluid Updates:

We propose the following changes, these minor adjustments are in line with the market rates:

wstETH/ETH Vault Updates

  • Current Collateral Factor (C.F): 91%
  • New Collateral Factor (C.F): 93%

Whitelisting address on stETH Redemption Protocol:

  • Whitelist Address: 0xA02744dc2245e84fF3e309bAdfb4e54Bb0EC2Cf8

Instadapp Lite Changes

We propose the following updates to the risk ratios, these minor adjustments are well suited with the inclusion of the stETH Redemption protocol and maintains the vaults rates competitive.

Updating Fluid’s Max Risk Ratios on Lite

  • Current Max Risk Ratio Current: 91.0%
  • New Max Risk Ratio: 92.5%

Adjusting the aggregated ratio further optimizes the vault’s performance, enhancing its attractiveness to users by allowing for more efficient asset utilization.

Aggregated Ratio Adjustment:

  • Current: 83.5%
  • New: 90%


These updates are proposed in response to the evolving market conditions and the need to maintain the competitiveness and attractiveness of the wstETH/ETH vault. These changes aim to improve the vault’s efficiency and functionality, especially in terms of redemption and deleveraging processes, leading to better utilization and higher yields for users.

Proposal on Atlas

Status: Passed :white_check_mark:

IGP#14 - Update Parameters for wstETH/ETH Vault and Lite Ratios