Open mStable Development Snowball


Complete the Developer Snowball to integrate mStable into Instadapp. mStable has the communication channels open with the development team to assist in this process.


mStable is a flexible and adaptable Decentralized Stablecoin Ecosystem built around their efficient AMM and stablecoins. mStable allows users to easily convert stablecoins, earn on their deposits and utilizes a decentralized governance framework to reward participants through their deposits and their active participation in governance. mStable is governed by its MTA tokenholders.

mStable has three distinct products.

  • mUSD: a meta stablecoin backed by a basket of selected USD stablecoins being USDC ,USDT, DAI & sUSD

  • Swap: feature allowing swaps between any support pegged-value assets, including mUSD and the underlying basket assets*

  • Save: a high yielding savings account. Save yield is generated by programmatically lending underlying assets to third party lending protocols such as Aave or Coumpound*

mStable will be integrating several components which will bring mStable functionality to Instadapp including the features listed above. Find detailed contract links under the Code section.

mStable Developer Snowball Outline:

Phase 1 - Build the Connectors required to integrate mStable

Start Time: Pending
Base Reward: 200 INST
Timeline Bonus: 75 INST

Phase 2 - Submit Connectors and Resolvers to Governance for Approval

Start Time: Pending
Base Reward: 15 INST
Timeline Bonus: 15 INST

Phase 3 - Create and Deploy Assembly page for mStable

Start Time: Pendng

Base Reward: 50 INST
Timeline Bonus: 25 INST
Bonus: 50 INST (for submitting strategies with DApp page)

MTA Reward

mStable Grants DAO has allocated 1500 MTA for the completion of this Bounty. Developers and participants of this Developer Snowball will also earn MTA for the completion. You can read more about this additional allocation on the mStable Grants DAO post here.


mStable Contracts:
Save Wrapper: mStable-contracts/SaveWrapper.sol at master · mstable/mStable-contracts · GitHub
SavingsContract: mStable-contracts/SavingsContract.sol at master · mstable/mStable-contracts · GitHub
mAsset V2 contract: mStable-contracts/MV2.sol at master · mstable/mStable-contracts · GitHub
FeederWrapper: mStable-contracts/FeederWrapper.sol at master · mstable/mStable-contracts · GitHub

mStable Connectors
Connectors: Pending
Resolvers: Pending
Development Repo: TBA


mStable functionality and ecosystem will be integrated into the DeFi Smart Layer, enabling all DSA account to access and interact with mStable. mStable will also be accessible via the Assembly frontend.

Want to complete this integration?

Please reach out and contact myself, the mStable team or let us know in the Discord that you would like to take this project on.

Last Updated: Nov 18th, 2021

Funding Update - mStable Grants DAO has allocated additional funding!

Big thanks to the folks over at mStable Grants DAO for allocating an additional 1500 MTA rewards for the completion of the mStable integration!

Double Rewards: INST and now MTA for completion! :dancing_men: :dancing_women:

For more information please see the post over at mStable Grant’s Bounty Board:

If you would like to complete this Bounty please reach out to the mStable team or Instadapp team :raised_back_of_hand: