I want to know the total amount of Inst tokens

I’m curious about the total amount of tokens, but I can’t find the relevant information on the official website.

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Hey bzem,

The total supply is 100m INST. The current supply is roughly 17,946,349.

I’ll link below the Coingecko page where you can track the current amount as well as the token announcement blogpost.

thank.I just found it through instadapp blog.

How can I buy Inst token?

I personally use Uniswap to purchase INST.

ETH/INST has the most liquidity so you’ll probably get the the best price on that pair. (Not financial advice, just what I use :sweat_smile:.)

Can I purchase through instadapp account?

Yes you can use the trade within the DApp to purchase INST

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I used the test account to buy it and found that there was something wrong with the exchange rate…

The simulator may not reflect accurate pricing; in the case of INST the simulator doesn’t have UNI v3 pricing so it may not reflect INST price correctly as INST is mostly on UNI v3

I see. Is instadapp going to promote it in China?I’m Chinese and I’m very interested in your pattern.But I’m not a technical person, so I’m confused if the function of instadapp can’t be used because of the policy of AAVE, UNI and other platforms.

Hello, we have established a Chinese community group that you can join to learn more.

Hello, this is the micro signal that can be added.(I’m sorry I can’t send out the WeChat account QR code)

Hello, this is the WeChat public number that introduces the functions and progress of inst, you can check it anytime to know the Chinese information of inst.

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