Gov and discussion summaries for Instadapp

GM! I created a tool to help keep users up to date in web3. For example, this is the newsfeed for Instadapp: The Instadapp community |

We use AI to summarise and give context to the information, among other things. There’s also snapshot tracking, so the community can see upcoming, or previously voted on proposals.

I’d love to hear any feedback and how I can make this more useful for Instadapp, especially as the Instadapp ecosystem grows with Fluid and Avocado.

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Thanks for sharing! As this is not a proposal - will close in a few days but do contact us for further cooperation.

ah sorry, is there a more appropriate section i can move this topic to @Seb_EthMonk ?

There is no need to move the topic, can leave here for others to find.
It might be good to also share on the Discord and feel free to tag us on Twitter so we can share it. Thanks!

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