Giveaway for Chinese Community in order to attract more people using Instadapp


Recently I has finished the Chinese version tutoral , then I came up a nice idea in order to promote this project and let more and more Chinese users know how to use instadapp , I would like to host a giveaway while people finish the following tasks , so I need to supply for 150 $INST from Treasury .


I will post a tweet that show the tasks below :

:white_check_mark: Follow instadapp’s twitter + Discord .

:white_check_mark: Retweet + Like + Tag 3 friends .

:white_check_mark: Create any chains of DSA , then using at least one flash loan stratagies ( Need to above 100 USD value )

:hourglass: Deadine : Last for one month from starting .

:fire: Giveaway : 10 people get 15 $INST for each .

Tutoral link : Instadapp操作指南CN - HackMD

Video Link : Instadapp 闪电贷操作教学 - YouTube
( Teach people how to participant on giveaway)

How to verify

while the giveaway end , I will randomly select 10 people , then they need to DM me for the Discord ID + DSA address + ETH address .

@Alex-7 and I will check the lucky users whether they finish all the tasks , then report the result to @Seb_EthMonk or @samyak in order to send them rewards !


Yes, we hope more people will participate.
We have produced a complete project tutorial information platform and operation videos.
Thank you.

A great and useful idea

I think this is something the Growth Guild could help with. Thoughts @Seb_EthMonk @Duo @miscao ?

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Great ! Wish to hear about ur opinoin , and could u give us some good advice ? @Seb_EthMonk @Duo @miscao

Thx ! and I want to do my best to promote this epic project on social media , and wish to get the support from community !

Keep up the good work.

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I think this is a good one for the community growth fund as well. We can add this to our agenda and discuss.


thx , I really appreciated that the team accept my concept , and will try my best to promote it !

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This has been approved and will be allocated in Octobers Growth Fund.

great idea,i will particpate jn