December 2021 Growth Fund


This is the allocation for the Growth Fund for both community and contributors for December 2021 and is our sixth distribution from the Community Growth Fund (CGF).


This proposal will distribute the December Community Growth Funds to community members who have made contributions to Instadapp through various activities, such as support and moderation, community outreach, and governance forums.

This proposal is also submitted with Evolve the Growth Fund into a Grants Program
Please read the details in the other post, this post will list December contributions as usual.

:green_circle: Cimple.CC proving Meta-DApps on Instadapp

Cimple.CC has been working intensely on building their strategy based multiplier DApp based on Instadapp. Cimple.CC has made some great progress enabling DSA accounts to load and execute transactions, enabling a MVP for their DApp. Cimple.CC is proving unique DApps can be built directly on Instadapp. For their progress we have awarded Cimple.CC 3000 INST for achieving the following milestones:

Milestone Description Award
1 Strategy Development - Complete and finalize development and logics for CIMPLE’s investment strategies 500 INST
2 Naitve Cimple Interface - development of a Native Cimple Interface which allows users load their Instadapp accounts to view their position as the Cimple Strategy 500 INST
3 DSA Execution - Interface allows users to load DSA Accounts and utilize 2 or more of the Cimple Strategies 2000 INST

:guardsman: Hold up! Should you be in this list?

Did you contribute some awesomeness to Instadapp in the month of December? Please reach out to myself or a fellow Guild Captains so that we may acknowledge and reward you for your contributions.

Contributor Role Allocated INST
Support and Moderation
Alex-7 WeChat Moderator + Support 125
Asia DeFi Network WeChat Moderator + Support 125
miscao Guild Captain / Community Work 150
CPix18 Guild Captain / Community Work 150
Duo Guild Captain / Community Work 150
Hillbilly_Chess Community Work 125
Fabricated_Abyss Community / Media Work 125
Taisuke Community Work 75
Community Builds INST
lovecrypto0823 CN Wiki Database and Guides (Ongoing) 75
miscao Dune Dashboard Development (Ongoing) 100
Bounties Description INST
Cimple.CC Milestone Disbursements 3000
Earmarked Funds Description Pre-Allocated INST
Cimple.CC Proposal Pre-Allocated 2000
Rabbithole.GG Pre-Allocated 5000
Current Fund Totals:
INST: 33797