Crypto Payment Gateway <> DSA Integration


We are excited to share Plutopay, a DAO-focused payment processing system, as more DAOs are beginning to use crypto for daily transactions.

At the moment, we have basic functionalities like sending payments and requesting payments. All functions are done through metamask for ease and simplicity of the initial prototype.

We have been exploring Instadapp DSA integration to open the door to new possibilities to make payment processing more efficient for individuals and DAOs.

Here are some ideas we thought to execute via the contract account integration:

  1. Adding multiple admins: Adding more than one authority in DSA to deposit, send, and payments through an organization.
  2. Multiple Organisations: Allowing Plutopay users to create more than one organization, each assigned a new DSA.
  3. Adding DeFi capabilities:
  1. Automated Payroll: Automating weekly, monthly, one-time payments to streamline management.

We’d love to hear more about how you think we can better use the DSA and build an effective website.


Interesting @murphy! So who will be the owner of DSA? Plutopay’s smart contract and Plutopay will assign different DSA to different organisations?

All the DeFi protocol composability can easily be done using DSA. Eg:- DeFi management or giving better returns to your users. With future releases like Guardians, etc, it’ll make it better.

Automating payments. How are you planning to do it? Define the payments on Plutopay contracts. Eg:- how the payments should go: Withdraw from Compound & Pay.

In general, an exciting development!



Yes, thats exactly what we are planning to do with Authorities.

Just as shown in the diagrams. Funds would be deposited into Compound to earn interest, and be withdrawn to send a payment.