Configuration Params Updates and Reward Updates


This proposal aims to implement the necessary config updates and transfers ETH in preparation for upcoming ARB token rewards. This proposal will update the sUSDe handlers on new vaults, raise allowance for fToken reward contracts, and set the config handlers for the sUSDe vaults.


The Instadapp team is proposing the following changes to the Fluid protocol; these updates are required for new vaults and rewards.

Raise Allowance for fToken Reward Contracts

  • fUSDC:
    • Current Allowance: 32k
    • Update Allowance: 290k
  • fUSDT:
    • Current Allowance: 32k
    • Update Allowance: 290k

Set Ethena Rate Config Handlers for sUSDe Vaults

  • Set Rate for sUSDe/USDC Vault:
    • Address: 0x3996464c0fCCa8183e13ea5E5e74375e2c8744Dd
    • Config Handler: 0xa7C805988f04f0e841504761E5aa8387600e430b
  • Set Rate for sUSDe/USDT Vault:
    • Address: 0xBc345229C1b52e4c30530C614BB487323BA38Da5
    • Config Handler: 0x7607968F40d7Ac4Ef39E809F29fADDe34C00A0A6

Prepare Upcoming ARB Rewards

This proposal also transfers 100 ETH from the DAO Treasury to the team Multisig to prepare upcoming ARB rewards for Fluids deployment on Arbitrum. Any and all unused funds will be returned to the DAO.


This proposal maintains the Fluid protocol’s efficiency and competitiveness by making required updates, adding sUSDe handlers, and raising allowances for reward contracts to ensure seamless reward distribution and continued protocol functionality.


This proposal includes adding the sUSDe handlers, raising allowances for fToken rewards, setting Ethena rate config handlers as vault auths, and transferring 100 ETH to the team multisig to prepare for ARB rewards.

Proposal on Atlas