August 2021 Growth Fund


This is the allocation for the Growth Fund for both community and contributors for August 2021 and is our second distribution from the Community Growth Fund (CGF).


This proposal will distribute the August Community Growth Funds to community members who have made contributions to Instadapp through various activities, such as support and moderation, community outreach, and governance forums. Of the monthly 10K Inst allocation almost 50% was distributed to contributors and bounties.

Distribution in INST

We polled contributors when they applied for Guilds and an overwhelming majority of contributors wanted to be paid in native INST token. Unlike the first Distribution which was denominated in USDC; this distribution is 100% in INST token.

Contributor Form

All contributors should have received a link to a form where you can enter the address you would like to receive your distribution as well as submit any comments related to the distribution.

Hold up! Should you be in this list?

Did you contribute some awesomeness to Instadapp in the month of August? Please reach out to myself or a fellow Guild Captains so that we may acknowledge and reward you for your contributions.


Community + Mods INST
Da- Japanese Community Moderator 125
Alex-7 WeChat Moderator + Support 125
Asia DeFi Network WeChat Moderator + Support 125
miscao Guild Captain / Community Contributor 150
CPix18 Guild Captain / Community Contributor 150
Duo Guild Captain / Community Contributor 150
Hillbilly_Chess Community Contributor 50
Taisuke Community Contributor 50
Fabricated_Abyss Media Work 50
Completed Bounties INST
Bernard Jambon Translation Work (French) 75
Koke Translation Work (French) 75
VisualColorCloud Translation Work (Spanish) 50
sebastiantf Instadapp Sub Graphs 400
itsjerryokolo Instadapp Sub Graphs 600
Dr.Manhathan Instadapp Sub Graphs 800
Taisuke Media Content / DeFi Walkthrough 120
Community Project Funding INST
Cimple.CC Development / Funding 1500
Distribution Summary
Bounty Pot Set aside for Bounties / Community Requested Projects 25% allocated to future Bounties
Holdover Unallocated tokens retained by fund 25% retained by the Community Fund
Paidout INST paid to Contributors this Month 50% paid to contributors
*The fund results are a rough percentage.
Post Distribution CGF Holdings:
USD Estimate of LP: $19,249
INST: 7880
‘USD Estimate’ includes INST/USDC LP

Hi this distribution has been dispersed! Thank you all again for your contributions!

Pending Review of Subgraphs

A user brought to our attention that the sub graph bounties didn’t seem fair; or didn’t properly value the work contributed by equally dividing the reward. I agree with this sentiment. The sub graph bounty participants in the above distribution received a base 300 INST and upon review of the bounties will receive the following rewards based on ranking. The top ranked sub graph will receive an additional 500 INST, 2nd ranked will receive an additional 300 INST, and 3rd rank will receive an additional 100 INST.


Subgraphs have been rated and rewards submitted! Numbers updated on first post.

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