UbiquityDAO Developer Snowball


Complete the Developer Snowball to integrate Ubiquity DAO’s UAD dollar and Ubiquity’s Dollar Yield Aggregator contracts. Ubiquity DAO has completed the form required to participate in this snowball and has the communication channels open with the development team to assist in this process.


Ubiquity’s first product is uAD, an algo stablecoin with unique features that allows it to maintain and keep its peg without being fully collateralized. Ubiquity utilizes 3crv to act as a type of debt system which acts as one of the primary algorithmic stability mechanisms. uAD aims to be a scalable, secure cryptodollar.

Ubiquity DAO team plans to integrate the uAD contracts as well as the Ubiquity Dollar Yield Aggregator

Ubiquity DAO Developer Snowball Outline:

Phase 1 - Build the Connectors for uAD Contracts and Dollar Yield Aggregator :white_check_mark:

Start Time: 10/11/2021 - 10/25/2021
Base Reward: 200 INST :heavy_check_mark:
Timeline Bonus: 50 INST :heavy_check_mark:
Snowballs: Pending (10% of Base Reward)

Phase 2 - Submit Connectors and Resolvers to Governance :white_check_mark:

Start Time: 10/25/2021 - 11/8/2021
Base Reward: 25 INST :heavy_check_mark:
Timeline Bonus: 10 INST :heavy_check_mark:
Snowballs: +10% of Base Reward

Phase 3 - Create and Deploy Assembly page for Ubiquity DAO

Start Time: 10/28/2021 - 11/11/2021

Base Reward: 50 INST | Timeline Bonus: 20 INST | Snowballs: +10% of Base Reward
Bonus Phase 3: +50 INST will also qualify when creating strategies for DApp page


UAD Contracts: GitHub - ubiquity/uad-contracts: Ubiquity Algorithmic Dollar (uAD) smart contracts.
Connectors: Ubiquity connector by zapaz · Pull Request #83 · Instadapp/dsa-connectors · GitHub
Resolvers: Ubiquity resolver by zapaz · Pull Request #15 · Instadapp/dsa-resolvers · GitHub
Development Repo: GitHub - ubiquity/ubiquity-instadapp


UbiquityDAO and its uAD stablecoin and its basic operations will be integrated into the DeFi Smart Layer, including a working Assembly page with a few strategies to enter the LP markets.