Integration Development Snowball


Develop a strongly incentivized integration grant/program to get new DApps, developers and protocols integrated into the DeFi Smart Layer and accesible to users through Instadapp Assembly


Instadapp recently released Instadapp Assembly, our open source dashboard making integrations and development on Instadapp more open, flexible and easier to build. The following is a three step process to incentivize and encourage development from building the connectors all the way to having a DApp page with build in strategies and transaction recipes.

This process would be three separate bounties that gain additional INST if the development and implementation stays continuous (snowballs) and/or if its completed within 2 weeks. INST is awarded at all steps regardless of time it is completed.

Let’s use Alpha Homora as an example:

Phase 1 - Build the Connectors for Alpha’s Lending Product

Complete and submit the connector and resolver contracts for Alpha Homora’s Lending Contract. Submit the completed contracts as PR on the DSA_Connectors Repo. This phase is completed once team approves connector.

Timeline: 2 weeks
Base Reward: 200 INST
Timeline Bonus: 75 INST

Phase 2 - Submit Connector to Governance

Prepare and submit the Governance proposal for the activation of the Alpha Homora integration. This phase is completed once Snapshot approves this connector.

Timeline: 2 weeks
Base Reward: 15 INST
Timeline Bonus: 15 INST

Phase 3 - Create Assembly page for Alpha Finance

Build and deploy an Alpha Finance Dapp page on Assembly. This phase is completed when the Assembly page is submitted and approved in the Assembly repo.

Timeline: 2 weeks
Base Reward: 50 INST
Timeline Bonus: 25 INST

(Optional) - Bonus Phase 3:

Create and launch 2 or more strategies for the newly created Alpha Homora page. This phase is completed when the strategies are submitted and approved in the Assembly repo.

Bonus Base Reward: 50 INST

Phase Base Reward Timeline Bonus Reward Range
1 200 50 200 - 250 INST
2 15 15 15 - 30 INST
3+ 50(+50*) 25 50 - 125 INST


Instadapp’s Smart Layer is a powerful resource for upcoming and established protocols. This incentive structure creates a feedback loop so integrations can reach completion. Individuals are encourage to complete their phrase in 2 weeks, and related collaborators are encouraged to follow up on the integration for additional bonuses. The funding of this proposal will be allocated from the Instadapp Growth Fund.

If you would like to participate please fill out this form:

Current Snowballs:

Ubiquity DAO - Phase 3 (10/28/2021 - 11/11/2021) | View Proposal | IN PROGRESS :mage:
QIDAO - Phase 1 (9/23/2021 - 10/3/2021) | View Proposal | IN PROGRESS :mage:
Perpetual Finance - Phase 1 (Pending) | View Proposal | Pending Start :checkered_flag: Double Bounty INST x PERP
mStable - Phase 1 (Pending) | View Proposal | Pending Start :checkered_flag:


Hi @Seb_EthMonk, I really like the idea behind this program.

Some questions:

  1. What are the the basic skills required for a developer to complete phase 1? Could you list them?

  2. What timeframe would a basic developer take to complete phase 1 in your estimation?

  3. I’m guessing that the main objective is to get developers involved and gain some familiarity with Assembly and the protocol in general, so what sort of level of support will there be for them, if any? For instance, is there help available on discord?

  4. Are there github examples that developers could use as a base?

  5. When does the timeframe begin?

I reckon it would be great if there were developers with very basic skills who could be helped and encouraged to complete all three phases and we could use social media to promote the fact that the protocol has been proven to be very easy to develop on, even with very limited skills.

This would encourage other developers to come forth, too. What do you think Instadapp community?

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Hey @Neal these integrations, if done correctly, are finalized and entered into the DeFi Smart Layer; some may be a bit easier to work on but others may require the underlying team to perform the integration or someone who is familiar enough with that integration’s contracts.

Yes the team with integrations but generally its pretty straight forward; anyone who commits to complete these snowballs should feel competent and have the proper knowledge (solidity, web3, etc) be part of the protocol team etc and understand the functions of the integrated contract.

It may help to share the integration guide here which encompasses steps 1 and 2: Instadapp Protocol Integration Guide

There isn’t a hard deadline but if you complete it within 2 weeks you get a timeline bonus, in the sign up page you can pick when the snowball starts. Then each following step gets a snowball bonus if it finished within 2 weeks after the previous step.


QIDAO has started a Development Snowball :snowflake: :building_construction:

Use the link above to view their proposal and followup on their progress. :man_astronaut:

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Ubiquity DAO has started a Development Snowball :snowflake: :building_construction:

Use the link above to view their proposal and encourage the team in their efforts! :man_astronaut:

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Perpetual Finance has posted a Development Snowball :snowflake: :building_construction:

This is currently an open bounty! Perptual Finance is sponsoring this bounty. Participants will earn both INST and PERP tokens! If you would like to start or complete the development of the connector here please reach out to myself or the Perpetual team and express your interest in completing these tasks.

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Snowballing everywhere, great to see the Instadapp ecosystem expanding like this.

If you would like to express interest on our end you can apply through the grants program we currently have ! =D

mStable has started a Development Snowball :snowflake: :building_construction:

This Snowball is open! If you would like to complete some or all of this bounty, please reach out to myself or on Discord. mStable will be a great addition to Instadapp and excited to access its services.

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General Update :man_teacher:

I updated the rewards and removed the Snowball Bonus % as it was a bit confusing and instead just added that reward to the timeline bonus.

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