Instadapp Feature Video/Media [Assigned]

Instadapp is in need of some media refresh ! We have had several changes to the platform, design as well as changes that came with DSA v.2 and the launch of the token.

One of the best overviews of the Instadapp platform has been a walkthrough created by @taisuke_hory for やさしいDeFi (Yasashi DeFi)

Hory does a great job at explaining the Instadapp platform but also at explaining the underlying DeFi concepts. Hory also created many useful slides featuring colorful and easy to read images. This video is quite long being over an hour, but walks users through the platform building the different topics up so the listener doesn’t feel overwhelmed.

Assignment Description:

Hire @taisuke_hory to create a Instadapp and DeFi walkthrough video of similar quality, using the current interface. Hory is experienced in blockchain and DeFi and based on his previous work, has a clear understanding of how to walk a new user into Instadapp and DeFi. The video should walk the user through the Instadapp interface, basic DeFi concepts and the major protocols. Please include a brief Explanation of Uni v.3 and how it relates to $INST Staking. Hory would make this video in his native language Japanese.

The completed video will be uploaded to the Instadapp Youtube and then available to be translated or recreated by other Instadapp community members. Hory will share any relevant slides, notes or offer any pointers so that we utilize his video as a base.

More items to include, if time permits:

  • How to create a short a position using DeFi Lending Protocols.
  • Polygon Migration (AAVE v2 to AAVE Polygon)

Reward: $1000 USD

  • Yes
  • No

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This is great, this friend has a deep understanding and is worth learning from.