Governance Delegation Application - LongHash Ventures

Dear Community Members ,

We are applying on behalf of LongHash Ventures, an Investment Fund, Venture Builder and Accelerator focused on Web 3.0.

LongHash Ventures has invested in over 30 projects to date, and has helped more than 40 crypto startups raise over $100 million!

In 2021, LongHash Ventures launched the Asia DeFi Network, with the mission to foster collaboration between leading DeFi protocols in the East and the West, while developing cutting-edge research across 6 key areas - Product Strategy, Governance, Tokenomics, Liquidity Bootstrapping, Community Building and Fundraising.

An example from a project in the Asia DeFi Network, we worked closely with Balancer Labs and apart from helping them build a China community and raising awareness through an AMA podcast, we submitted governance proposals on staking and worked on liquidity mining propositions for various whales.

We have been closely following InstaDapp right from the start, and are proud to not only have invested in the project given our core belief in the aggregation layer as a critical piece in the ecosystem, but to also have onboarded InstaDapp onto the Asia DeFi Network’s pioneer batch, where we have been helping them strategize various aspects in governance and treasury management. On the community building side, we hosted an AMA podcast with Sowmay ( and have also set up InstaDapp’s WeChat community which we continue to actively manage.

Furthermore, we recently ran a Governance Roundtable Discussion, bringing together leaders in the space such as Synthetix, Aave, Balancer, InstaDapp and Acala to discuss best practices and the future of governance, with the aim to compile a comprehensive document, a draft of which can be found in the Web 3.0 Governance Blueprint (Web 3.0 Governance Blueprint - Google Docs)

We are excited to showcase our expertise and help InstaDapp make the DeFi Smart Layer the true hub of the DeFi Ecosystem!

Please delegate to 0x7DD94d9198B367Bb6af83edc41F4BFBa0C80b428

We look forward to receiving your support, and working together to build a strong ecosystem for InstaDapp.

On behalf of LongHash Ventures,
Pranav Pandya


Welcome Asia DeFi Network and Pranav! Thank you for your continued support! Happy to see you on the governance forum. :smiley:

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