Governance Delegation Application & Introduction - Stable Node

Hello InstadApp community,

We are applying as Stable Node. Stable Node was founded by Gustav Arentoft and Doo Wan Nam. We have been a big fan of InstadApp since the beginning and happy to participate in the governance as Stable Node.

We are seasoned business development and growth professionals. We both spent about three years growing the MakerDAO protocol in the European and Asian markets. We have immense experience in creating growth in new markets and ensuring a sustainable strategy along the way. Over the years we have been working closely with Decentralized Finance, NFT projects, and successful governance communities especially MakerDAO. In all three fields we have been present since the early days.

Having participated in the MakerDAO governance community for a long time we have developed a strong and methodical approach to governance in decentralized networks. Creating principles that optimize the objective outcome of the decision making process is key for successful governance.

Stable Node is also in the process of helping DeFi protocol FIREDAO:

Acting as the main Governance Delegate, Stable Node is on-boarding high potential individuals and organizations to their governance counsel.

We are interested in bringing our experience and expertise to help guide the InstadApp governance as well as expand the InstadApp ecosystem.

Stable Node is hoping to start working more closely with the InstadApp community. If you are interested in delegating to Stable Node, please delegate to 0x1D1a13b16667c284b87de62CAEEfF0ce89E342B2


Hey Doo! Thanks for your support for all these years by being a regular Instadapp user, feedbacks & pushing out regular updates about Instadapp to Asian communities and over Twitter.

Excited for Stable node to take part in Instadapp’s governance. It would be exciting to have the stable node as a delegator moving forward. We should soon be adding you as a delegator and will update everyone here in this thread.


You know. If you dont ask for something you wont get it. Good for StableNode getting after it.

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