Extend USDC and USDT Rewards to July


This proposal extends the current USDC and USDT market rewards by an additional month.


This proposal aims to extend the Fluid launch rewards for the USDC and USDT lending markets. The Fluid Launch rewards have proven to be effective at attracting liquidity. This proposal will extend the stablecoin rewards by one additional month, removing the INST reward while increasing the in-kind reward.

Proposed Rewards Extension

To extend the current rewards program, and match the new rates, the following rewards will be distributed between June 21st to July 21st:

Additional Rewards

Rewarded Pool Reward Reward Duration
fUSDC 250k USDC 30 days
fUSDT 250k USDT 30 days


This proposal will maintain the ongoing rewards program which will help maintain expectations and competitiveness in the Fluid stablecoin markets.


This proposal extends the Fluid Launch rewards program for USDC and USDT lending markets, providing an increased rate of stablecoin distribution for one additional month while removing the INST rewards.

Status: Passed :white_check_mark:

IGP #27 - Update Market Rate Curves and Rewards Extension