Enhancing Instadapp DeFi integrity (cross-chain swap/bridge feature)

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I am Alex Ramirez, Rango BD specialist.

Contact : [email protected]

We will achieve the following through our collaboration:

  • Enhancing Instadapp, Instadapp Lite and Avocado’s user experience
  • There is a newly created revenue funnel
  • Increase turnover

As a bridge and DEX aggregator, Rango enables interoperability between 53 blockchains to offer the most competitive rates. In addition to EVMs, non-EVMs, UTXOs and L2s are also supported. In Rango, only safe and audited protocols are integrated, and 2.2 B$ have been successfully swapped, 0$ users’ fund loss. Rango charges no additional fees, only network native fees.

We propose that Instadapp integrate Rango’s any-2-any swap widget as a Token Bridge into its portfolio to enable users to swap tokens across networks. A must-have in DeFi, especially with Instadapp missioning for a premier interface for DeFi, specifically lacking a smooth swap/bridge.

Instadapp Lite aims to ease DeFi, whereas Rango aims to do the same, onboarding newbies on how to bridge smoothly without switching interfaces. Last but not least, Avocado’s integration with Rango enables the best possible strategies. The Rango integration can even support huge amounts of flash loans on targeted chains’ smart contracts that Avocado cannot provide liquidity for.

Please visit Rango open app and check out how users can smoothly swap these pairs for instance:


You can check the Rango widget demo here:

For more information on Rango, check out our documentation and the open app.

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Hey @AlexRamirez thanks for sharing.

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Hey @Seb_EthMonk ,
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How is the evaluation process? Is there any documentation or information I could share to help with the review?

It would also be greatly appreciated if we could schedule a short e-meeting with the individuals responsible to discuss the pros, cons and details of our collaboration.


Hey @AlexRamirez for this kind of integration you should reach out to us through more traditional channels, like Discord or reach out to me on Telegram so the team can review it, this kind of integration does not require a governance process and would be evaluated by the team.