Community Engagement

Governance Flow: Community Engagement

The first step to passing or submitting proposals to the Instadapp DAO is Community Engagment.

The INST platform is controlled by the INST tokenholders and all proposals emanate from these holders. Any individual or organization that would like to submit proposals should begin by engaging the existing community. Let’s review where to find the Instadapp community:

  1. Instadapp Discord - the Instadapp Discord is the largest hub for Instadapp users and token holders. Here users can engage with fellow community members, receive product updates and product support.
  2. Instadapp Governance Forum - The Instadapp Governance forum contains valuable information such as the Governance Process, previous proposals and is a great place to engage with token holders, you can engage support through polling as well.
  3. Snapshot - Snapshot can also be utilized to strongly signal support for proposals or other changes to the platform.

Engaging the community will bring awareness to your proposal. Users are encouraged to solidify their support by creating discussion, using the forum and if there is enough momentum utilizing Snapshot to signal support. This will build a compelling case for the proposal to continue, and for developers and other team members to prioritize development and preparation for your proposal.

Governance Forum Signals

To start building support for a proposal or for a more general concept or idea, you can create a poll in the Governance Forum under ‘Proposal - SIgnals’ Signalling is a numerical way to view community support.

Signals can be used in conjunction with a drafted proposal, or to get a more general sentiment from the community.

Snapshot Signals for INST Holders

Snapshot will be used for off-chain voting of IGPs, but we encourage the community to also utilize snapshot to gain consensus around developing or emerging proposals. Users can also create a ‘temperature check’ or signal community support for an idea or a community goal.

Users will need to have 50k INST to initiate a signal; users without enough INST can request other users to delegate to them, you could create a signal by expressing that to the community and having users delegate to you.

Snapshot polls that are used for signals can be included in a more structured proposal to show strong community support.


Hey Seb !

Excited to part-take in future governance, just wanted to comment on the minimum INST Required to Initiate a proposal. Is there a particular reason for this ? 50K INST Seems like a huge hurdle unless there is someone with that voting power, like a team member, willing to take other peoples proposals up. Also do temperature checks/snapshot polls require this amount of INST as well ?

Hey @Tenzent You can make a proposal at any time here on the forum ! :slight_smile:
The 50K INST is only needed if you wanted to issue a Snapshot poll for your proposal.