Build the Instadapp Subgraph [In-Progress]


The Graph community is seeking an Instadapp Subgraph to be built and open-sourced for the Web3 ecosystem.

The bounty requires a designed and built subgraph schema and manifest and deployed subgraph on The Graph’s hosted service. The Instadapp Bounty Board will supplement The Graph’s selected bounty winner with an additional 500 INST.


For full details please view: The Graph’s Instadapp Subgraph Bounty Page

Bounty Reward:

500 INST + $2000 USD*


Hi Seb, at the moment I can’t access through the link to see the more detailed requirements, could you please confirm?

Hi Seb, I cant access the The Graph’s Instadapp Subgraph Bounty Page page. Can you add me as a member to the workspace?You do not have access to The Graph Foundation. Please contact an admin to add you as a member.