About the voting by the implementation of the proposed governance, after add multiple languages to the official website

As a INSTADAPP users, summarizes the present two questions below, hope project developers can be free and have a look

1,Now we live in China, opened the website is still in English, and can’t find language change option, for the vast number of DEFI Chinese users, is not friendly, would, of course, the programmers are in a minority of English, most retail investors they still have no knowledge of English

2,About proposal before integration liquity agreement and INSTADAPP revenue model to discuss, how I want to ask next the current progress, is already running aground? Integrated liquity agreement has voted through a snapshot, isn’t it, before the white paper introduces, in two days after voting to establish intelligent contracts, but for now, many days have passed


Hey there @MuseSoul333 !

Liquity requires an on-chain vote for integration; to precisely address the concern you are bringing up the team proposed: Integration Streamlining and Open Source Dashboard

Liquity would be integrated after the next on-chain vote, and going forward future integrations would integrate directly after snapshot.

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If we had multilingual support, what Language would you like to see next?

  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • Japanese

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Hi Seb, I say Chinese purely in terms of numbers in that it would proabably serve the most people but when you say ‘support’, do you mean a person, or some kind of system?

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I urgent hope you can add Chinese language interface to the main interface and the use function, at the same time hope to establish development teams can bounty foundation and BUG bounty reward, let more developers join in to participate in our community construction, block chain world is decentralized, collaborative, we distinguished project should get more different voice from the world, in order to obtain more long-term development

To expand the language to many countries. I would love to see the following languages supported, which in turn will be :

  1. China
  2. Spain
  3. Korea
  4. Vietnam
  5. Japan
    A fund can be established to recruit collaborators from many countries to interpret. I hope Instadapp has language support!

yes,i hope it will be

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Based on working with Maker as well as other DeFi protocols, I can confirm that China is a big DeFi market, usually second to US market. So Supporting Chinese first should be a priority. Also it’s interesting to note that many in Asia use mobile wallet instead of Metamask. So optimizing Instadapp to major wallets in Asia such as imToken (which already integrated Instadapp) will be helpful as well.


Hi, I think your suggestion is very neutral and positive.
The Chinese community has a larger base of users and this could play a big role in promoting the use of Instadapp.


Hello, are there any Chinese here? I’m Chinese, too.

Hi,This is inst’s governance forum, which focuses on the progress of the project and the development of recommendations for community members, etc. :grinning:

Hi, It’s not related to this topic directly but the Translation list in IndexCoop is a good reference to manage translation for each language.


There’s a Chinese discord channel if you are interested Instadapp

Hey @Daa this is excellent! The Team is already working towards adding language support; I will build out a template for submitting translations.

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